Use this journal for anything from daily writing, dream journaling, and memory keeping. Document travels and add treasured paper memorabilia such as photographs, ticket stubs, postcards, letters, maps and receipts. Decorate the pages with washi tape, stickers, stamps, ink, fabric scraps and pretty papers. Sketch in it, write poetry, document your life in the lovely pages.




"Seasons "handmade tome/journal has been designed & created by myself. The cover is hardboard  that has been covered with fabric. There are 120+  mixed pages front and back. I've included digital papers, and tea dyed pages. I have hand stitched the 3 signatures using 5 hole pamphlet stitch and machine stitched throughout the journal. This journal is what I consider naked . What that means is it is ready for your to add your own embellsihments, pockets and tuck spots.



Seasons Journal