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"Shabby Chic Collection " of traveler's notebook style journals. There are 60 pages. I have taken great care to add multiple layers to the cover with lots of stitching!Inside you'll find lovely vintage book pages, tea dyed pages, journal cards & tags.

 I would consider these "plain" style journals in comparison to what I normally create in order to dwindle down my ever increasing scrap pile! 


*1 signature

*60 pages of tea dyed, scrapbook, and digital pages 

*Handmade Tags, Pockets and tuck spots

*Various vintage laces, trims, tea dyed papers, hand stamping

                      **** This journal is ready to ship****

Thank you for visiting my shop and supporting my love of creating handmade journals, cards and gifts

Shabby Chic Traveler's Notebook style Journal

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